A wide array of Medicinal and Healing properties offered by the drink to foster kombucha market trends

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Kombucha is basically a fermented tea that belongs to the functional beverage industry. Attributed to its probiotic properties, kombucha helps to maintain the balances of essential bacteria in the digestive tract and improves the immune system. The shifting consumer focus from dairy products to effective and effective probiotic drinks is anticipated to boost the kombucha market outlook in the coming years.

Talking of its medicinal and healing properties, Kombucha helps fight cancer, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases. Moreover, it has the ability to detoxify the body, increase energy levels, increase metabolism, rebuild connective tissue and reduce headaches, all collectively increasing the product demand. several studies have shown that Kombucha consists of the rich amount of bacterial acids and enzymes that aid the detoxification process, and thereby reduce the burden on the pancreas and liver. Ever-increasing awareness of the health benefits provided by kombucha coupled with a surge in demand for dietary supplements is expected to stimulate the Kombucha Market trends over the forecast period.

In terms of flavor, the kombucha market is divided into two main segments --original, and flavored kombucha tea. While many manufacturers offer a variety of flavors along with the original raw form, the increasing investments to the research and development to formulate new exotic flavors should help in the expansion of kombucha market size apparently.

Flavored kombucha tea segment is therefore expected to maintain its double-digit growth rate contributing to the majority of kombucha market share by the end of the forecast period. The growth can be owed to the easy availability of several flavors and ease of customizations. Besides, the wide availability of cheap kombucha homebrew kits has been also increasing product popularity, in turn, driving the kombucha market growth.

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Based on distribution channels, the kombucha market is primarily divided into online and offline store segments, where the offline segment includes supermarkets and other retail stores. Supermarkets held the largest revenue share in 2019 due to their high accessibility and rising trend of shopping at bigger and well-organized stores. The supermarkets not only speed up the product sales but also marketing new products which further starts a chain reaction. Moreover, most of these mega-stores offer huge discounts on introductory products due to their high investment capacity, which further adds up to the segmental growth.

The North American region dominated the global kombucha market in 2019 with a revenue percentage of over 50%. The rapid adoption of health and wellness products complemented by the increased spending power of the middle-income groups remains the key driver for regional growth. Besides, increasing demand for non-carbonated and low-calorie drinks should spur the North America Kombucha market demand in the years to come.

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