Unmatched product attributes to upsurge Supercapacitor market demand over 2020-2026

Supercapacitors are large capacitors with much higher capacitance values ​​than other capacitors that bridge the gap between electrolytic capacitors and rechargeable batteries. They have plates filled with two different layers of the same material, which allows separating the charge, and hence increases the overall efficiency. Without a dielectric, the supercapacitor plates are packed with a larger surface area, resulting in higher capacitance values. Supercapacitors have the potential to replace a variety of energy storage systems because of their higher power density than batteries and higher energy density than conventional capacitors.

The growing demand for renewable energy solutions is driving the Supercapacitor Market growth. Solar PV panels and solar lighting are potential areas where supercapacitors are witnessing huge applicability. Generally, solar panels are used in both online and offline modes, in which supercapacitors prove to be a reliable option for storing renewable electricity resulting in less energy loss as compared to conventional batteries. Therefore, the increasing product penetration in the solar power sector complemented by rising government investments to explore renewable energy resources should boost the supercapacitor market trends during 2020-2026.

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Ever-increasing environmental concerns due to vehicular emissions is also a major factor promoting the adoption of supercapacitors in the automobile industry. With the emission norms getting strict day-by-day, the automobile manufacturers are either focusing on increasing the fuel efficiency of the conventional vehicles or looking out for a shift toward producing zero-emission electric vehicles. Moreover, leading technology companies are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, indicating a growing market for alternative energy technologies, eventually fostering the supercapacitor market outlook in the upcoming years.

The Asia-Pacific market is expected to dominate the global supercapacitor market in terms of revenue and will continue to do so during the forecast period. The regional growth can be attributed to increased adoption of supercapacitors from the electronics and automotive sectors in countries such as India and China, supported by the presence of key product manufacturers in emerging economies of the region. North American and European markets are also expected to account for a significant revenue share in the global supercapacitor market, driven by the growing demand from the regional electricity and energy sectors during the forecast period.

However, the Supercapacitor market is restrained by the high product cost, technological advances for the development of cost-effective products by key players are expected to create new revenue generation opportunities for players operating in the global supercapacitor market over the forecast period.