What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." An RSS reader will scan a website to check if anything has been updated, and then display the updated content.

What is the benefit of RSS?

If you visit Reporthive.com frequently to see if there are any new reports, you could benefit from subscribing to the RSS feed. This will allow you to be notified of any new reports automatically, without having to check the website yourself.

How to subscribe

Google Chrome

To subscribe to an RSS Feed using Google Chrome, you must first download an extension. To do this click on the 3 vertical dots to the upper right of the browser, under the x button. Click on settings, then on the left, click on extensions. You will see any extensions already on your browser or you can click get more extensions. This will bring you to the web store. On the upper left, search for rss feed reader then add to Chrome whichever feed reader you wish. Then add a feed by using this page url RSS Feed.


  1. Navigate to the RSS Feed.
  2. Click Subscribe to this feed.
  3. Click on subscribe to this feed using live bookmarks and then click subscribe now.
  4. This will add the feed to your bookmarks on Firefox.

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